Friday, October 23, 2009

Book Review

It's been a long time since I last blogged and I apologize (mostly to myself for neglecting writing). In order to get back in the swing I'm going to write about a book that I finished reading a few days ago.

Have you ever read something that you really want to become a movie? Christopher Moore's A Dirty Job is one of those books. Charlie Asher is the typical "beta male", not too sure of himself but dependable, living in San Francisco. He watches his wife Rachel die shortly after she gives birth to their daughter Sophie. He sees someone in the room at the moment of Rachel's death that no one else can see. Shortly after Rachel's death Charlie finds out he is a death merchant. Not the grim reaper but someone who helps souls pass onto their next life. After Charlie finds out he's a "death merchant" strange things start happening around San Francisco. He finds the strange man he saw at Rachel's passing his name is Minty Fresh and he is by far my favorite character. Minty Fresh is a unreasonably tall, black man who is always wearing a light green silk suit. He is also a death merchant, although Fresh and Charlie aren't supposed to know each other they become what one can only describe as friends. The strange happenings around SF are directly related to the return of Death (with a capital D) and it is up to Charlie to fix the problems. Being a beta male Charlie bumbles around SF trying to save the city from Death.
Moore's humor is what makes this story so enjoyable. He writes the way most people think and his characters, however annoying and needy they are, are likeable. This is the second book by Moore that I have read (Fool which is King Lear told from the Fool's POV was my first) and I plan of reading more!