Friday, August 20, 2010

New Beginnings

The summer is coming to a close so much faster than I ever imagined it would! Taking two summer courses made the summer go by so much faster than it would normally. I did have some nice weekend and week long getaways so the summer wasn't a total bust. I'd say completing 6 credits in 6 weeks is amazing!

Work is starting again and that means grad school is also starting again. I'm looking at it in a positive way: 5 classes and 9 months to complete them. It will be a breeze. I'm just really anxious.

I really want to start blogging for real. I have said this multiple times but I really, really mean it this time. I think it will be great for my soul. Being able to just write what is in my mind will save my friends and family from having to listen to my thoughts constantly!

I will try to be better in the next week, it is the last week of my summer so I'll have the time. Once school starts I am going to commit myself to blogging once a week. If I blog more than once a week, wonderful, but once will be my minimum. I'm promising myself.

Lots of things are coming up: Inner Mean Girl Cleanse, work, school, weddings, holidays, there will be a lot to write about!


  1. Once you get into the groove of blogging, it becomes easier. Before you know it, random people you have never met/heard of are commenting on your musings forcing you to realize that people are reading! If people are reading, it gives you a motivation to write more. :)
    and...I am always reading :)

  2. You are (and a few other friends and family) are my inspiration for writing. I will definitely be writing more...I'm feeling good about it!